High Performance Cardano Stake Pool

CardanoCafe is a High Performance Cardano Stake Pool powered by multiple green-energy bare-metal servers, operated by a team that is passionate about delivering the best reliable staking rewards to our delegators.

CardanoCafe strives to help heal the environmental wounds of our planet by supporting multiple charitable organizations that work tirelessly for the benefit of nature, wildlife, and mankind.



Blocks minted


Last Block

1 hour ago

Rewards paid

7.29 M ADA

CardanoCafe is member of Climate Neutral Cardano Group

Recent Blocks

Epoch Time TXs Output Slot Leader
479 19th Apr 05:34:34 UTC 19th 05:34 UTC 5 6.13 M ADA [CAFE3]
479 19th Apr 05:28:25 UTC 19th 05:28 UTC 15 0.1 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 04:34:33 UTC 19th 04:34 UTC 7 0.01 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 03:39:32 UTC 19th 03:39 UTC 6 0.1 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 03:38:47 UTC 19th 03:38 UTC 7 4.08 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 03:22:21 UTC 19th 03:22 UTC 18 33.02 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 02:34:06 UTC 19th 02:34 UTC 4 0.28 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 02:11:42 UTC 19th 02:11 UTC 14 6.25 M ADA [CAFE]
479 19th Apr 00:03:04 UTC 19th 00:03 UTC 9 0.03 M ADA [CAFE2]
479 18th Apr 22:20:56 UTC 18th 22:20 UTC 17 1.86 M ADA [CAFE]

Live Statistics

ROA Lifetime: 4.000 % 3.400 % 2.350 %
Luck Lifetime: 99 % 99 % 109 %
Margin: 1.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Pledge: 100 k ADA 100 k ADA 100 k ADA
Saturation: 87.47 % 14.56 % 0.85 %
Delegators: 5374 593 47

CardanoCafe's Worldwide Support of Charity Organizations and Associations

CardanoCafe is proud to be a member of Climate Neutral Cardano.

Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC) is an alliance of Cardano stake pools committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operation of their stake pool servers. In addition, they donate a portion of their pool operator rewards to protect their climate and environment. CNC is working together with the Cardano Community, institutions and external parties to achieve their common goal of making Cardano the most eco-friendly blockchain platform.

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The Generation Forest Panama Update

One of the important aspects of CardanoCafe is its commitment to supporting charitable organizations that positively impact our planet's ecology. One of the most dynamic organizations we support is The Generation Forest project in Panama. Here is an update on the activity there.

Jun 21, 2023, by Eric Hill

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